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Inclusive Technology – Free Support Guides

If you work with pupils who use switches it’s likely you know of the titles mentioned below. They’re all great packages in their own ways to help the introduction and development of switch skills and for laying the foundations for more advanced uses.

Inclusive Technology has been releasing Set-by-step guides for all of these packages as well as a very useful booklet on possible routes for progression through switch skills. They’ve made these all available as free downloads from the publications page on their website – here.

I’ve placed links to each of the publications on the screenshots below.



I'm a teacher who changed direction after a spell teaching visually impaired pupils. I became interested in how technology could assist learners overcome or deal with various disabilities. Since 1992 I've been an Education Support Officer, an ICT Training Support Officer, and have been Coordinator of Highland's Assistive Technology Support Service since 1995.

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