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The Seven Gates: Community Art Project in Wick

On a two day visit to Wick this week I came across The Seven Gates community art project. I had been prompted by a friend of one of the artists about these so decided to try some instant information exchange between Wick & Edinburgh since she hadn’t actually seen the works.

View the pictures here.

Artist, Sue Jane Taylor told us that these arches had been identified by the pupils on the project as the most important thing that needed enhancing in the local environment – previously they were highly unpleasant and scary places, used as rubbish dumps for all sorts of nasty stuff and not somewhere you’d ever want to see or go near… so, a brilliant result all round!

I thought these were great, artistic and practical – the photography doesn’t do them justice and the interiors of the arches weren’t illuminated when I went to see them – but a definite ‘must see’ if you’re in Wick. Use the controls at the top of the pictures to pause the show or click to obtain full-size images.

I’d love to hear from anyone who was involved in the project to supply more information or to correct me on anything. It would also be great to hear of other, similar projects.

Could we perhaps get some pupils from different areas around Highland – or further afield – to get involved in this type of exchange? Lots of cross-curricular opportunities in such a venture.



I'm a teacher who changed direction after a spell teaching visually impaired pupils. I became interested in how technology could assist learners overcome or deal with various disabilities. Since 1992 I've been an Education Support Officer, an ICT Training Support Officer, and have been Coordinator of Highland's Assistive Technology Support Service since 1995.

One thought on “The Seven Gates: Community Art Project in Wick

  1. The Arches and the artistic Gates in them are a real tourist attraction. I would definitely include them on a visit to Wick for any tourist that I have to entertain this summer
    Aileen kiddie
    Thurso Resident

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