Text-to-speech – Dyslexia & Reading – Primary Day

After yesterday’s major panic, when my computer crashed an hour before talking at this course, today’s preparations seemed very calm – I even managed to sit down for a bite of lunch with some of the primary class and support teachers attending Dr. Margaret Crombie’s course.The core elements from yesterday formed the basis of today’s offering but I included a few comments about Clicker 5 and the numerous, ready-made reading materials for work across the curriculum. I placed more emphasis on the use of Textease due to the fact that all primary schools have it at their immediate disposal.Wordtalk is likely to need to be downloaded and installed – and the new version that will produce MP3 files from text is not yet available in its final version.I also mentioned the text-to-speech and voice recording capability of Kidspiration and Inspiration software.I added a couple of websites that Margaret mentioned at the start of the afternoon to my del.icio.us bookmarking page. Del.icio.us is a really easy way of bookmarking webpages that you can call up on any computer where you can access the Internet. The bookmarks can be public and so can easily be shared with others. Sign up here for your own del.icio.us account.Free downloads mentioned during the afternoon are available on my public web folder.I would like to apologise publicly to Marion for calling her Ann!!!! I’ve known Ann – oops, Marion – for years. Old age has not come by itself as I realise that I can’t remember very much any more!!!!


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