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The photographic slideshows backed with music that we run before our training events regularly prompt questions such as, how were they created? What software did you use? Is that difficult to do? Many teachers have said that they wish they could do something similar with their, or their pupils’, photographs.

We think these types of slideshows are a really great way to share photographs – no costly, and often poor quality, printing. While we use our photographs as a backdrop, they can have more specific use within the curriculum. Pupils can create multimedia presentations about their field trips, activities, experiments, and so on. It’s so quick and easy that it soon becomes a favoured way of feeding back and presenting. The results can be dramatic, and, as long as you keep within copyright law, can be shared and kept as evidence.

We use a free software package called Photostory3 for Windows to generate most our slideshows. Most digital cameras come with software that will allow something similar and it’s possible to use your video editing software for stills should you require extra special effects. However, Photostory3 is great for simple, quick slideshows containing pictures that pan and zoom, background audio at the click of your mouse, as well as the ability to title and narrate a commentary onto your presentation.


See some examples.

Check system requirements and download the software here.

Take a guided tour of Photostory3 here.

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