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The ATS Service delivered training to the special unit in Thurso High School on Clicker 4 software on the Tuesday November closure day. Teachers and Learning Support Auxiliaries joined together to spend a whole day learning the software and how to apply it to their students. As well as looking at the software consideration was given to the pupils’ access methods as some of them use switches to control the computer rather than through mouse and keyboard.

Trainer: Liz Roberts, Development Officer ATS Service


Arrange this, or similar training, in your school.


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I'm a teacher who changed direction after teaching visually impaired pupils. I became interested in how technology could assist young people overcome or deal with various disabilities. I've, since, been an Education Support Officer, an ICT Training Support Officer, and have been Coordinator of Highland's Assistive Technology Support Service for the past 20 years. I'm also the proud father of two young boys (2003 & 2008). View all posts by Alan Stewart

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