Something to speak about……and listen to!!!

Podcasting has really taken wings of late. There are fantastic opportunities for teachers in developing podcasting with pupils. Teachers can create and produce content to support their teaching while pupils can be encouraged to ‘write to speak’ and express themselves through this new medium.

Unless you’re a Mac user with access to the fully integrated iLife 06 suite of blogging & podcasting software, this area has been a bit of a swamp of confusion. PC users have to use a number of different pieces of software to create then publish their work.

However, there are some new software applications beginning to appear that aim to make podcasting easier : I saw Podium from Softease demonstrated at SETT in September and it looks really simple and effective – really built for school use. It’s due to be launched formally at BETT in January, 2007.

Podium from Softease

What is Podcasting and how might it be used in education?


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