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Embedding ICT in the Primary Classroom

Teachers from 25 different schools attended the ATS Service courses on Embedding ICT in the Primary Classroom over 3 days in October.

Aspects of the days:

  • Teacher preparation and use of ICT in presenting to the class to develop visual and auditory, interactive teaching and learning styles.
  • The growing importance of projectors, laptops, and interactive tools in the classroom.
  • Use of interactive tools (more than just whiteboards) for engaging children with lessons.
  • Use of Softease Studio Plus in covering multiple targets across a range curricular areas.
  • The use of digital photography in a project to encourage collaborative and co-operative practice.
  • Planning for writing (NL) using Inspiration software and digital photographs.
  • Consideration of the naturally occuring inclusive practice made possible by using accessible materials generated and delivered via ICT.
  • Utilising Microsoft’s free PhotoStory3 software for the creation of a multimedia presentation.

Participants reported that they had been given insight to new tools and a range of ideas for the integration of ICT across the curriculum.More similar courses in the next CPD Calendar.Trainers:

Book an overview session for your school. 



I'm a teacher who changed direction after a spell teaching visually impaired pupils. I became interested in how technology could assist learners overcome or deal with various disabilities. Since 1992 I've been an Education Support Officer, an ICT Training Support Officer, and have been Coordinator of Highland's Assistive Technology Support Service since 1995.

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